Interviewing Charlotte Flynn: Head of Human Resources at Pineapple Studios

We’ve interviewed our Head of HR, Charlotte Flynn, to give prospective graduates, hoping to work in human resources, an understanding of what your role may look like.

“How do you feel your role would be different if it wasn’t for (Pineapple Studios) an organisation that develops games? Do you come across any unique situations that other organisations may not face?”

HR functions are very much the same, regardless of the industry or sector you are in. This can be a great advantage when it comes to finding a new role or transferring to a new industry specialisation, because you can bring with you all your previous knowledge and experience. Personally, I’ve spent 17 years working in HR across a multitude of industries and I love it! If you enjoy a procedural role where you deal with a lot of information and enjoy going and finding the answer when you don’t have it, then this is definitely the department for you.

The one unique thing about Pineapple Studios I’ll mention, is the KickStart Scheme. If you don’t know much about us already, we’re part of the Government’s 16-24 KickStart Scheme, helping young people often achieve their very first role. Therefore, a big part of our role in HR is supporting these KickStarters in the very first stages of their career; with a big focus on career development and inter-personal development.

“What do you most enjoy about your role and why?”

Two things. Firstly, I am thoroughly enjoying being part of the company growth that Pineapple Studios is going through and supporting it through this. Secondly, playing a part in the development of these young KickStarters at the beginning of their career is hugely rewarding! We’re not only shaping them for their future professional careers but we’re also helping shape them as individuals. I’ve been a part of building a HR and recruitment team completely from scratch and am constantly passing on my knowledge and skills and everything I’ve learned over the past 17 years.

If you’re a graduate or young adult wanting to work in HR, there will be a lot of rewarding aspects and a lot of things you can look at and think ‘Wow, I was part of that!’. Small things, systems and operations that may become instinctive strategies the company adopts and lives by. When you know you were a part of making that happen, you’ll feel very proud of yourself.

What do you find most challenging about your role and why?

For me, because I’ve been doing this for such a long time, there isn’t much I haven’t seen! Therefore, I don’t find many things a challenge and I’ve learned and adapted the most effective strategies over the years. As with many things, practise makes perfect.

The one thing that was a completely new experience for me was managing a team remotely, of young people, many for whom this is their first role. But in HR, the best quality you can have is to be able to adapt! If you’re open minded, if you enjoy working with and communicating with people on a daily basis, and if you can adapt and evolve as your organisation grows and changes, then this is definitely the department for you to work in.

“What advice do you have for young people aiming to one day work in HR?”

It is a brilliant career. Make sure you are thick skinned, diplomatic, approachable and can wear many different hats!! Being both proactive and reactive is important as no 2 days are the same. When you’re starting out you may find it a challenge but if you are willing to put in the time and effort to learn, I am sure you would not look back. As with anything, the longer you’ve been doing it for the better you will become.

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