Get To Know Patrick Carranza - Lead Designer At Pineapple Studios

Pineapple presents - meet the devs!

Patrick Carranza is a Lead Designer at Pineapple Studios - responsible for how our games look, feel and are like to play. Working with all of our teams, Patrick bridges the gap between our Publishing team and the Developers themselves.

Connor: Hello Patrick! So, how long have you been a Lead Designer?

Patrick: Hey - around a month now. I was changed from being the Project Lead on our game “Swing Hero” to Lead Designer when that game was released.

C: What was your background before joining the team at Pineapple Studios?

P: Before joining Pineapple I had recently graduated from Computer Games (Design) at Glasgow Caledonian University, the most relevant experience I had up to that point was working on an educational game for the National Museum of Scotland.

C: Oh, cool! How are you finding working on Hyper Casual Games? Are you enjoying the speed of the development that Hyper Casual moves at?

P: It’s great! I enjoy facing the fresh challenges that you find in different projects. It's also comforting to be in a small team as it’s similar to my University course.

C: I agree, and from my experience, smaller teams make it easier to keep on top of what everyone is working on and delegating tasks. What part of your role as Lead Designer do you enjoy the most?

P: Discussion with each of the different teams and seeing all their projects progress, we have a lot of really amazing games in production and I’m excited for each of the teams to see their games released.

C: What’s the most challenging part of being a Lead Designer?

P: Getting used to the changes in responsibilities was certainly tough, but now that things like workflows and meetings are settling, the role is starting to feel more natural!

C: Glad to hear it! What advice would you give people looking to get into Games Development, and more specifically Hyper Casual Games Development?

P: Be versatile, always being willing to learn new things and face new challenges is a trait that I think all strong developers benefit from. Also take breaks from your PC, working and relaxing in front of a screen gets old fast.

C: And finally, what are you working on that you're excited about?

P: For Pineapple, a new game - but personally I’ve recently been posting small scenes made in-engine to push my game dev skills. This format of making content has been really rewarding and I’d recommend it to any other developers that want to improve.

C: Thank you so much for your time Pat - you can check out Patrick’s work at the links below!


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