Hyper Casual Games Conference - ROUNDUP

So last Friday the Hyper Games Conference wrapped up, ending a week of learning for hyper-casual game developers around the world!

Dedicated to specifically hyper-casual games, it attracted more than 3350 participants, 500 brands and companies and 90+ countries. It was a superb event, with plenty of insightful insider knowledge shared amongst us all, and acts as a way for developers to both learn new things and nab some useful tips and share their own tricks too!

It was also a great opportunity for networking, allowing even the smallest hyper casual dev’s to chat and get to know dev’s from the most well known studios in the industry.

Almost everyone here at Pineapple Studios attended while discussing amongst ourselves in our work chats - so here is a shortlist of the top tips we learnt:

  • Keep an eye out for trends! Whether you spend time scrolling through TikTok or watching trends on Twitter, it’s important to spend time studying the cultural zeitgeist. One studio gave an example where they had noticed nail salon TikTok videos were extremely popular, which ended with them creating a hit Nail Salon hyper-casual game.

  • Don’t be afraid to let go of your ideas. A good tip for all game developers, but especially important in hyper-casual games! It’s okay that some ideas may not work in your project and it’s perfectly fine to say au revoir - and remove them if needed.

  • Keep it simple, stupid. Keep your games as streamlined and simple as they can be, remember this is Hyper Casual!

  • And finally, make sure the games feel good to play.

If you weren’t able to attend, I highly recommend checking out a few of the talks on the conference's YouTube channel - “HGConf”