What Does a Winning Team Member look like? (Games Industry Edition)

The attributes of a winning team member naturally vary across different roles and industries. If you’re a graphic designer, you need to be creative and effectively work to extract someone’s vision from them so you can make it a reality. If you’re an administrator or work in human resources, you need to able to multi-task, be highly organised and have excellent ‘people’ skills. But today, we’re thinking within the games development industry; more specifically Pineapple Studios.

We have a great deal of fantastic team members who all bring something unique to the table, and we couldn’t be prouder of that. But there are a few key, shared attributes that make our team members – winning team members. That made them stand out during the interview process and ultimately made us realise, ‘We need this person on our team’.

So, what are they?

1. A shared vision

This may sound obvious or even a little vague but let us explain. You need to make sure the company you are applying to work for holds the same values that you do. Do you believe in the company’s 5-year plan and want to help them achieve it? Also, do you feel the company provides a positive workplace culture that you’ll enjoy being part of?

For us at Pineapple Studios, we live by a strong ethos of creating a diverse and inclusive workspace for our employees, regardless of your background, ethnicity or gender. We’re all here because of our shared interest for the gaming industry and because we all bring our particular skills and qualities to the table.

When it comes to how we recruit new team members, we look for candidates that we feel share these values. At Pineapple Studios we recruit a huge number of graduates and young people aged between 16-24 years old. If you don’t have as much work experience as another candidate but can demonstrate a strong drive and passion for what you do in your interview and the projects you have been involved in, we’re going to be impressed.

2. Ideas

Ideas don’t always need to be perfectly constructed before they are voiced. This is such an important point! Too often we feel we need to have all the answers and we simply can’t. Instead, what we can do is the research, find examples, find alternatives, use our initiative and come up with our own ideas.

Those ideas don’t need to be finalised, perfectly formulated or necessarily even realistic. You don’t know what that half-finished idea or passing thought might inspire in one of your colleagues when you voice it.

So how does this translate to when you’re being interviewed for a role? Demonstrate creativity and give any examples of when your half-finished idea become something brilliant.

Many tasks can be learned and even automated. However, an individual who is comfortable continuously bouncing ideas off other people is much rarer to find. This also means the organisation this person is working for needs to create a space where employees feel comfortable enough to do this, and that’s the beauty of Pineapple Studios.

3. Different people communicate differently

It’s nothing new to hear that in the workplace it’s all about communication. But what makes you a truly effective communicator, is understanding that different people communicate differently.

Once you’ve been accepted for that job you were so eager to get, make sure you spend time getting to know your colleagues and how they communicate. Not only that, but how they work as people. Do they prefer if you email? Do they prefer if you just pick up the phone? Or do they prefer a message on WhatsApp? Also, how do they work? Do they enjoy communicating throughout the day or do they prefer communicating on the completion of a task?

If you can gain a deeper understanding of how people work and communicate, you have the ability to form stronger and more meaningful working relationships. You’re more easily able to reach them and get the information you need when you speak to them.