What to Expect In Your First Week at Pineapple Studios

Hello, my name’s Connor and I’m the Creative Marketer at Pineapple Studios! Having recently started at Pineapple myself I thought I would be the perfect person to explain what you can expect on your first week with us.

Your first week can be a terrifying prospect, and it’s quite strange to start a new job remotely, especially if you're a new remote worker! So strap in, grab your hot beverage of choice and let's break down how your first week will go.

On your first day we’ll ease you in with our onboarding process. While we work remotely, the company still has its very own culture and this helps set the tone of how we work. Typically, you’ll spend your first few days getting to grips with our online training courses, and you’ll have a meeting call with your HR Representative plus the other new employees who are starting on the same day. This helps you get to know one another! Once you’ve got acquainted with each other, you’ll have your onboarding schedule given to you to let you know what to anticipate for each day.

The type of training you’re given for the day will depend on your HR rep but can vary between many different subjects including Cyber-Security, Gender/LGBTQ+ Awareness & Inclusivity or even Collaboration and Team-skills.

Working remotely from home can be difficult, especially if you’re new to it - so the ‘Work Ethic’ courses are extremely helpful. Included in this set of courses are activities on Self & Time Management, Persistence & Resilience and Staying Motivated! Even as a seasoned remote worker myself, these courses were so useful and really insightful - I’m working better from home than I have ever before - so you are sure to be a bona fide remote working expert in no time.

It may sound like stuff you already know, but from personal experience, I’ve got to admit I genuinely learnt a lot of helpful things that I hadn’t really thought of before - such as the language I use around co-workers and ways of keeping myself from getting distracted throughout the day.

So - you’ve finished your training. Now depending on your role, you’ll be given different tasks to get acquainted with both the person you directly report to and the team you’ll be working with. This can range from creative assignments in teams and solo work towards a project - it really depends on the role you have!

  • Get involved! Here at Pineapple Studio’s, we’re a pretty open and lovely bunch, and we hope that you'll be comfortable getting involved in team discussions.

  • Try using different self-management techniques to see what works for you. I personally use Agile and have a physical board of sticky notes along with ClickUp online.

  • Maintain a regular schedule! Obviously, you’ll have set hours to work, but I highly recommend setting a schedule for yourself outside of work - getting up early, making sure you eat breakfast and take breaks!

  • Wear something comfortable but still work-friendly. It helps you get into the mindset of work.

  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions! As I said, we’re all lovely and here to help. We would rather you reached out and was honest instead of you being anxious and stressed on your own.